Time Gap. Meditation 07/112. Music for Guitar, Tanpura, Percussion and Samples.

The moment you were were born, a subtle indicator is placed within you. It is part of life that you can always know what is happening, you can always feel whether you are happy or unhappy. Nobody asks how to know whether he is happy or unhappy. Nobody has ever asked. When you are unhappy, you know; when you are happy, you know. Then it is an intrinsic value. You know it, you are born knowing it, so let that intrinsic indication be used and it will never falsify your life.



Time Gap. Meditation 06/112. Music for guitar, tanpura and percussion.

“Die to the known so you become available to the unknown. With dying and being reborn in each moment , you will be able to live life and you will be able to live death also.’


number 6 of 112 pieces for guitar, tanpura and percussion.

This one uses a sampled human heart beat at 16 weeks via ultrsound sample. The music spins around that pulse.