This music happens easily..ambient, buoyant, chill, lounge, soundtrack, drum and bass, minimal guitar…whatever its called..not everyones cup of tea…unless your making one, then it may work…Headphones a all comes from music i’ve been playing since the late 70’s, when looping involved two tape machines and has been continuing since…music tech has become so much more intuitive, like playing digital Lego in a and surprising…some of these sounds end up in the visual media world, much of it lays dormant on a hard drive or uploaded to a streaming platform … this is a new piece im building so still in early stages…just a glimpse.. inspired by my daily Nadabrahama meditation…” If your music cannot create silence in those listening, it is not music…it is just making noise” OSHO ` i hope some find enjoyment and a sense of peace in these sounds

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