Time Gap. Meditation 18/112. Music for guitar, tanpura. percussion and samples. The Book of Secrets.

“Let everything arise out of your awareness. And the miracle of awareness is that without your saying anything, without your doing anything, it simply dissolves all that is ugly in you into all that is beautiful. “Awareness is a transforming force. Whatsoever deepens with your awareness is virtue.


number 18 of 112. 140bpm 7/4

Time Gap. Meditation 15/112. Music for guitar, tanpura, percussion and samples. The book of secrets.

“Poets are known, artists are known to fall in love almost every day. Their love is like a rose flower. While it is there it is so fragrant, so alive, dancing in the wind, in the rain, in the sun, asserting its beauty. But by the evening it may be gone, and you cannot do anything to prevent it. The deeper love of the heart is just like a breeze that comes into your room, brings its freshness, coolness, and then it is gone. You cannot catch hold of the wind in your fist. Very few people are so courageous as to live with a moment-to-moment, changing life. Hence, they have decided to fall into a love on which they can depend. 


no 15 of 112 short pieces.


Time Gap. Meditation 14/112. Music for guitar, tanpura, percussion and samples. The Book of Secrets.

Love is my message – let it be your message too. Love is my color and my climate. To me, love is the only religion. All else is just rubbish, all else is nothing but mind-churning dreams. Love is the only substantial thing in life, all else is illusion. Let love grow in you and God will be growing on its own accord. If you miss love you will miss God and all.